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Renters Insurance

from Plant Insurance

Renters Insurance

Most renters in Texas are required by landlords or property management companies to carry some form of renters insurance. This requirement helps property managers and owners avoid some liability issues. Often, by requiring renters to carry insurance, they are able to keep their own insurance premiums lower. How does this help you?

At Plant Insurance, we focus on helping renters find customizable insurance policies that protect what matters most. We have basic policies that insure belongings and provide liability coverage for you and family living in your rented home. We also offer extended coverage options for discerning Texans.

Coverage for Your Lifestyle

Whether you live in a rental house or a luxury apartment, you need insurance coverage for your lifestyle. All renters policies from Plant Insurance, unless otherwise noted, come with

  • Belongings coverage to help replace personal items lost or destroyed in a covered event
  • Medical payments for guests injured in an insured rental home
  • Personal liability coverage for you and any family living in your rented home
  • Coverage for damage to the rental home if you are held liable for a covered event
  • Additional living expenses in the event that your rented home is deemed unsafe due to a covered event

Many of our discerning customers require extended limits and other specialized renters insurance coverage. We offer

  • Personal umbrella insurance to protect against damages that exceed those covered by other insurance policies
  • Scheduled property riders to insure high-value items such as musical instruments, sporting equipment, collectibles and jewelry anywhere in the world

Your landlord wants you to have renters insurance so they won’t get stuck with liability costs. At Plant Insurance, we want to make sure you have a renters policy to protect you, your guests and your belongings. Get your free online quote today, or call to learn more.