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RV Insurance

from Plant Insurance

RV Insurance

At Plant Insurance, many of our customers own RVs, horse trailers, mobile homes and campers. Whether you use an RV to travel and relax or rely on trailers to transport livestock, you need the security of a good insurance policy and an insurance agency with your interests at heart. Plant Insurance partners with several top insurance carriers to provide excellent options for all your recreational vehicle needs.

Customized Recreational Vehicle Insurance

We understand that a single one-size-fits-all policy won’t provide maximum benefits for our customers. We’ll take the time to learn about the RV, trailer, camper or mobile home you wish to insure. Then we’ll look at your usage of the vehicle in order to determine which coverage options can protect what matters most.

If your recreational vehicle is used for personal recreation, you may be eligible for partial-year coverage. Take that extended vacation, but don’t pay for the time you aren’t spending on the road.

Texas RV coverage is similar to personal auto insurance. You can purchase liability coverage and supplement it with no-fault medical insurance (PIP), comprehensive coverage and collision insurance. Plant Insurance writes policies tailored to your needs, so you can also choose settlement options:

  • Stated value to cover the market value or actual cash value of your insured vehicle
  • Agreed value to cover a specified insured amount, regardless of current market value
  • Replacement cost to cover replacement of the insured RV with a similar vehicle

Your Plant Insurance agent will also help you determine what limits and deductible amounts suit your specific situation. To make sure you continue to have the right coverage for your RV or trailer, we’ll also provide annual policy reviews. Let us help you insure your RV so you can relax and enjoy your time on the road. We take pride in insuring discerning Texans.